Planning to spent your new year’s eve in the middle east? Then check out these popular destinations in UAE and Dubai world famous for delivering amazing celebration experience.

1. At Dubai’s iconic landmark Burj Khalifa: For the most spectacular fireworks show!

Dubai set a world record last year for the largest ever firework display, there’s evidently a lot of expectation this year as well.Plan ahead as you can expect people from around the world flocking to this destination for the exhilarating celebration.


2. At the world’s lone 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab: For the most luxurious royal hospitality!

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah promises guests a sparkling season of traditional festive celebrations set against a legendary backdrop with a mesmerising display of decorations, including new year’s eve cocktail party, gala dinner, live entertainment, fireworks and much more!


3. At Dubai’s luxury hotel Atlantis, The Palm: For an intimate, vibrant, & eclectic celebration!

The evening of the new year’s eve at the Atlantis, the Palm begins at 7.30pm. The hotel provides the best views, gala dinner, panoramic view of the Dubai skyline and spectacular Atlantis itself.
4. By the fantastic beach side Hotel Jumeirah: For its fine dining and spectacular views!

Watch the beautiful fireworks around the city along with special new year’s eve dinning packages and welcome 2016 in style. Spoil yourself at the luxurious hospitality and enjoy the exhilarating views!


5. At Dubai’s the largest shopper’s destination Dubai Mall: For the best parties and dinner services!

Fountain shows, fireworks, multi cuisine dinner and new year’s eve parties get it all in one place at Dubai’s largest shopping destination Dubai mall. They also provide special white night party with BBQ and music.

6. At Dubai’s global landmark The Palm Islands: For style and extravagance in celebrations!

Palm islands is one of the mist visited tourist attractions in the city of Dubai. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the spectacular fireworks organized each year.
Royal Arabian Tours will be glad to take you to these amazing destinations. We are here to get you there!