Qasr Al Watan welcomes you into the world of Arab heritage and customs. It is more than just a palace, an incredible and unique landmark in the UAE. The newly opened Presidential Palace intends to provide visitors with a stronger understanding of the UAE’s leading traditions and values. Situated in Abu Dhabi the ‘Palace of the Nation’ has opened its doors for public viewing. It is impressive and breath-taking, overflowing with grandeur.

The palace is swarmed with knowledge, offerings an understanding of the governing principles that shaped the history of UAE and its vision to the future. The interior is decorated using white, yellow and blue to signify the landscape of the region. It consists of several grand areas including the grand Great Hall as well as a room filled with items gifted to the UAE president by various countries around the world. It also houses the Qasr Al Watan Library, which boasts a collection of over 50,000 books and resources.

As I entered all I did was marveled and adored the huge white domes, majestic hallways and dramatic chandeliers. I also explored exhibitions, witnessed a show, learned about rulers and covering institutions and celebrated the rich Arabic heritage that shaped this great nation. When I moved from one hall to another I was fascinated to learn about rulers and governing institutions that shaped this wonderful nation.

Highlights of Qasr Al Watan:

Artistry and Architecture

One can create traditional calligraphy on interactive screens, something that instantly grabbed my attention. One can also appreciate Arabian craftmanship and explore the artistic contributions of the region.

Qasr Al Watan Library

Reflecting the UAE Vision 2021, which promotes development through investment in minds and human resources, the library has a large collection of knowledge resources in the fields of science and art within the UAE.  The publication that is over 35 years has a vast collection of books covering subjects including history, geography and others. It also has books concentrating on the development, culture and achievements of the United Arab Emirates.

Palace in Motion

Witness the story of UAE told at night with a spectacular sound and light show. A tale of the past, present and future vision of the nation.

Governance and Spirit of Collaboration

UAE is a great nation today because of its strong governing institutions and exceptional rulers, both past and present. The palace lets you have an in-depth understanding of the spirit of this land.

There are gift shops available in 2 locations, one in the visitor centre and one in the main palace building. The shops have books, jewellery, mugs and souvenirs, all inspired by the architectural splendour of this landmark. Qasr Al Watan also offers a spectacular night show, which is held every evening.

The journey around the palace elevates you in a modern setting that revels and reflects on governance, craftsmanship and knowledge. The intricate designs mesmerize you. As I walked out of these halls, I was filled with appreciation for what the country has done and plans to do in the future.