Image of Love Lakes Dubai, a Dubai's new heart shaped lakes located at Al Qudra, the lake is universal symbol of love

You will agree with me when you see Dubai’s new heart shaped lakes located at Al Qudra. The lakes are a representation of the universal symbol of love and they are so beautiful that you will surely fall in love with them.

The man-made love lakes are carved out next to the man-made cluster of lagoons in Al Qudra. This is a remarkable addition to the many man-made feats that Dubai is know for. The lakes are intertwined heart-shaped, loaded with things related to love. There are trees planted that spell out the word ‘love’ beside the lakes.

I visited the lakes on a winter morning. The atmosphere around the lakes was soothing. The cool wind blowing, the calm surroundings instantly let me switch to the relaxation mood. The environment around the lakes is peaceful; the fishes, the ducks and the swans will give you a picturesque view that you need to sink into. The various symbols of love surrounding the lake enhances the beauty of the place. One can see hearts everywhere – carved on the gates, on the trees, exit and entrance signs are heart shaped and much more.

The lakes were unveiled by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council for Dubai Government. The view of this lake form Google Maps is in the shape of two hearts, turn on satellite imaging to see two hearts on your map. Signs have been set in Al Qudra pointing to this romantic spot. Some of the features are best seen from above.

It is time you take a trip to the lakes if you are looking for some romance or some lovely pictures for your Instagram. These romantic designs are going to sweep you off your feet. We are adding it to our must-see Dubai list. You must have drawn hearts on sand, now visit the splendor of these.