I had seen the Dubai Water Canal several times from a distance and have always been enthralled. The water flow and vibrant colours are captivating. When I heard of the Dubai Water Canal Cruise, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to see it up close.

As I headed to the glass-encased dhow I was welcomed with Kahwah (Arabic coffee) and then was escorted to my table. This was followed by welcome drinks and some snacks. The dhow glided into the waters for everyone to see Dubai from a new perspective.

You can embrace the beauty of Dubai as you set sail.  A blend of modern and ancient architecture surrounds you. Marvel at the night glimpses of Business Bay Bridge, Dubai Festival City Mall, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Water Canal Bridge, JW Marquis Hotel, and Westin Hotel. Also, absorb the beauty of Dubai Creek by the night. The artificial canal connects the Business Bay area to the Persian Gulf through Safa Park and Jumeirah. From a distance, everyone can soak in the lively ambience of the city with Arabic music playing in the background. Experience the height of magnificence and indulge in the peace and calmness of the creek waters.

A lavish buffet of appetizers, fresh salads, grilled meat, soups, and desserts was spread across the table for me and the rest of the guests to relish. Entertainment was at its peak as well. Everyone could tap their feet to the music of Tanoura dance as the evening was ignited by the lit costume of the dancer. The dancer was spinning and twirling to the captivating music that grabbed everyone’s attention.

The canal stretches across 3.2 kilometres which pass through the Sheikh Zayed Road, Jumeirah Road, and then leads into the Arabian Gulf. One can witness the land of architectural beauty and modern infrastructure, surrounded by beautiful waters with gorgeous views and lighting of the Dubai skyline.

The Canal Dhow Cruise is an experience, floating through the skyscrapers and the busiest roads of Dubai under a beautiful waterfall. When in Dubai enjoy a grand dining experience while cruising through the canal. Gliding under the Dubai Water Canal is an unforgettable experience.