XDubai amazed the world with the thrilling zip ride across Downtown Dubai back in 2016, and they are now back with a second XLine ride in Dubai Marina, which offers a double dose of fun and excitement.

Image of XLine Dubai Marina visitors enjoying & experiencing Dubai’s top thrilling ride
As well as being the world’s longest urban zipline, the second XLine travels twice the distance and lasts for twice the time. It also has twice the number of lines so that friends and family can ride in tandem.
You’re going to need to hang tight for this one, the XLine flies over land and water at up to 80km/h, and takes you from 170m down to ground level.

At the point of no return, 170 meters up, riders will launch across the Marina, soaring over the water, past the towering skyscrapers, over pedestrians on the promenade, and finally landing all the way down at the Dubai Marina Mall terrace!